The Art of Storytelling – 3 Crucial Ways to Enhance Your Brand Story


“Storytelling is so much a part of who we are and how we live our lives that we almost forget about its importance…storytelling is “embedded” in almost everything we do as individuals and as businesses” (Ryan Mathews and Watts Wacker)

These days, consumers have the control. They can take charge to learn about brands and their products and services from a variety of media and channels. Content has to straddle a myriad of devices, social media platforms, search engines and other online “noise” in order to reach its audience. Brand Stories must communicate your brand and grab your audience’s attention long enough to leave an impression and establish an emotional connection.

To help you to master the art of storytelling, we’ve compiled a list of the three most crucial strategies you can undertake to enhance your brand.

Establish Your Core Value

This is the bedrock of your story and it should be solid in order to support marketing and sales efforts. To establish this foundation, your brand story should be:

  • Customer-centric – don’t go on and on about the company, we do this, we do that, blah, blah, blah; speak to your target customers about their challenges, address their concerns and needs and offer tangible solutions.
  • Benefits driven – what does your customer gain by using your product or service? How can they enhance their business? What value do you offer and what are the associated benefits?
  • Differentiated from the competition – What distinguishes you? How are you unique? What about your brand story is special?

Determine Your Corporate Tone

You must be clear and consistent when you tell the corporate story, but realize that if you don’t establish a meaningful voice that resonates with your target, you can be easily muted over time.

  • Be prepared for your brand story to change – it may need to address the changing industry landscape, changing customer needs, emerging trends, your changing product, etc.
  • Content should be accessible and engaging; ideally your audience should connect emotionally, want to share your story and evangelize your brand
  • Brand authenticity – it is not enough to simply tell your brand story, you need to live it. Only if you practice what you preach will your tone be embraced as authentic and true.

Delivery of Your Story

Once you have established your core value and determined your corporate tone, you must put meat on the bones with dynamic content. Here are some key steps to make that happen:

  • Create an editorial calendar. This will ensure that you have the right content for the right target at the right time, delivered through the appropriate channels.
  • Utilize all media to deliver your story – websites, blogs, social media, multimedia, print, etc.
  • Your brand story must be flexible – whether you are blogging your story in 700 words or tweeting it in 140 characters, use consistent messaging.

In order to be a good storyteller, you must listen to your audience and understand their concerns, beliefs and needs.  As your brand story unfolds you must continue to listen and ensure that you are consistently and meaningfully nurturing that connection. Craft an authentic and captivating story to deliver your core value message and it will resonate with your audience and motivate them to return time and time again.

Your Turn

What is your favourite brand story? Share the stories that have inspired and touched you.

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