How Samsung Used Video For Solid Content Marketing Impact


Earlier this week, I read a post by my friend Marcus Sheridan, heralding Samsung’s recent video attack of the iPhone 5 as both genius and missed opportunity.

Most of the post focused on the missed opportunity, and while I don’t disagree with Marcus that there were gaps, I absolutely feel that this was much more so an act of content marketing genius.

If you haven’t yet seen the commercial, have a look:

Genius, genius I say. On so many levels.

The impact of social media

Samsung acknowledges that its target clients hang out on social media platforms. This video is housed on YouTube (where it has over 15 million views as of the writing of this post) and more than 20,000 comments. It has people talking about the new GalaxyIII – the content has inspired conversation.

And then interestingly, the description under the video (prime real estate!) directs the viewer to Samsung’s Mobile USA Facebook page (where they have more than 13 million likes).

They are building their traction off site, in order to:

  • Initiate conversation
  • Engage stakeholders
  • Nurture a sense of loyalty and interest
  • Enhance their brand

Samsung is using social media the right way!

The point of content marketing

This is where I really think that Samsung has demonstrated a ridiculous sense of content marketing genius.

Over and over again, we tell our clients:

Focus on your client’s pain points

And this is precisely what Samsung has done. Notice that they aren’t pitching the Galaxy III overtly. They are more so talking about the challenges that iPhone users encounter:

  • Long line ups
  • Misunderstood features
  • Hardware conflicts
  • Exorbitant prices

Of course the underlying message is that iPhone users can rid themselves of these frustrations by switching to a Samsung Galaxy III. But they have left that impression by creating video content that really resonates with the reader. It’s relatable. Anyone who has stood in that line, or wondered about the new adapter is going to watch that video and think, “What am I doing? Maybe there is a better alternative.”

Communicate with video

Every 60 days, more video is uploaded on YouTube than the three major US television networks produced in 60 years.

Almost a year ago, Cisco predicted that 90% of Internet traffic would be video based by 2014, and it certainly seems that this prediction is realistic.

Samsung understands the importance of online video.

We encourage all of our clients to integrate video into their content marketing strategy.

 Your Turn

Had you seen this video? What did you think?

Are you using video as part of your content marketing strategy? If not, why?

Share your thoughts and reactions in the comment section below, and if you enjoyed the post, go ahead and share it on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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  •    Reply

    I like when the parents show up where their kid was saving a spot in line. Whoa, that’s not hip; old folks are buying the iPhone.

    I thought it was brilliant too; maybe not enough for me to buy one, but still brilliant.

    I wouldn’t agree with Marcus either BTW………

    •    Reply

      For the record, I don’t disagree with Marcus…

      I just thought that there was so much GOOD about this ad – so many great content marketing lessons – that he missed the point.

      LOVED the part with the parents. And while I went bananas for this ad, my new iPhone 5 is en route.

  •    Reply

    Great campaign by Samsung, of course. I think it started a while back with the Galaxy S II vs. Iphone 4s faceoff –

    It’s funny and it underlines the blatant disadvantages of Apple products. It almost seems too easy for Samsung, because all they have to do is state the truth. I might be biased, though.

    Of course video is a great channel and very digestible by consumers. However, like with all channels, you must be communicating something valuable to people. Video isn’t necessarily easier than other channels. It won’t magically shoot your company out of the water. But, when you have something to say, it is very powerful, as we see.

    Just my opinion.

    •    Reply

      Hi Kiril,

      Yes, I did see the original video; I love that it’s a serial effort on Samsung’s part.

      Video is like any other platform – only as good as the content that fuels it. In this case, I think that the content is very, very strong and does reflect best practices.

      Thanks for taking the time to post Kiril!

  •    Reply

    I see what you mean Ruth and this is the first time I’ve seen that commercial. Pretty cool, sharing what their product will do that the iPhone won’t. I did love the parents showing up too, cute…

    I haven’t read Marcus’ post but I see what you’re trying to say. It’s about the marketing and doing it through video is genius. I’m still not going to run out and buy either if I must be honest though. Yeah, I know…


    •    Reply

      Check out Marcus’ post Adrienne – it’s a good read, and he raises some points with which I agree. I’m glad you enjoyed the commercial! And I know that you are slow to buy one or the other…but at least you are using your iPod, right? Carolyn will hook you eventually!

  • Jeevan Jacob John October 2, 2012 at 2:41 pm

    Simply love that video ;)

    I saw it first as an ad (Youtube, usually I skip all my ads, but for this one, I paused a second to watch it).

    And it was worth it ;)

    Not just because I was an avid supporter of Samsung (And Android), but because of the “awesomeness” of the video :D

    Samsung is playing the cards right, aren’t they? (Didn’t they do the same thing with last iPhone?)

    A lot to learn indeed. But, Apple still manages to gain traction (talk about their customer service experience!)

    Ah, I haven’t read Marcus’ post yet. Need to visit it!

    •    Reply

      Yes, yes, Jeevan, it was indeed used with the iPhone 4S. And I agree that it is awesome!

      Apple actually uses the same tactics – from the very beginning, they understood the importance of addressing the consumer’s pain points and frustrations. Remember these ads –

      But looks like Samsung is beating them at their own game!

      • Jeevan Jacob John October 10, 2012 at 10:59 am

        Yes, yes. Apple making fun of IBM. Seems like Samsung has caught up on the game ;)

        I haven’t seen any responses yet from Apple (then again, it’s better not to create a response and provoke the marketers of Samsung to create even better videos that will tarnish Apple’s reputation).

        •    Reply

          It’s fun watching the whole thing from the sidelines, isn’t it? It’s like high school played out in marketing strategy :-).

          I’m sure Apple recognizes that any attention they draw to the video will only impact its virality. No surprise that they are keeping quiet.

          • Jeevan Jacob John October 19, 2012 at 3:45 pm

            Hahaha, Yes :)

            It is better for them to be quiet (well, even if they keep quiet, some folks might say that Apple agrees or conforms to Samsung’s claims – so, Apple should respond. But, they should be extremely careful).

  •    Reply

    Hey Ruth,

    I read the piece Marcus posted and you are both right in my mind. The ad’s from Samsung have always been brilliant and I have personally never been a Apple guy. We all have to pick a side, don’t we? The focus of those videos are great because they are not pushy. They are projecting a sort of anti-jobs laid back, do what you want with it feeling (at least for me) but Marcus also made some great points about the funnel beyond the video and search optimization which made a lot of sense to me even though it is not my field of expertise.

    A few comments into the stream someone pointed out that comparison on your sales page is not where most customers would go for that type of information and I happen to agree with that approach. If i want to compare the available products I will go to a Mashable to do so and not to Samsung’s site. Apple wouldn’t do that on their site either and with the sheer speed on information flow these days linking to an article from your sales page seems dangerous.

    Video, in my mind, is a great way to go. It’s easy for consumers to absorb and you can get a lot said in a short period of time and optimizing the title for search seems to me to be an imperative. There was some comparative to silos in content development which may be something to explore further.

    Great post and thanks for the tips. Handy, handy stuff.

    •    Reply

      I think that Marcus’s post speaks to sales cycle. Some prospective Samsung customers are going to be deep into comparison shopping and indeed, those customers might not be taken to where they need to go after this video. But to my mind, this video was more so about planting a seed. I see it having impact at the very beginning of the sales cycle, before any active comparison is taking place. I’ve read those comments as well, and I also agree.

      The video’s title is only not optimized for search if you want to be found based on the comparison parameter. Maybe Samsung didn’t care about that as much? Dunno – would love to get their marketing rep in on the discussion!

  •    Reply

    This is the first time I’ve watched the video. And I agree that it’s really good, and that they’re awesome when it comes to content marketing. But I also get a ‘bad’ feeling when I’m watching it, and I’m thinking about politics and why they need to ‘attack’ the competition and not just focus on their own product? I am not really comfortable talking about my competition when I’m doing marketing. I know it works, especially if the competition is doing something that’s not as good as you are doing :)

    •    Reply

      Jens, I really thing that understanding the competition, and where/how they fall short in meeting the consumer’s needs, is a really critical part of any thoughtful marketing strategy. While I would agree that mean spirited and below-the-belt tactics are unnecessary (in politics or in business), highlighting your competitor’s shortcomings (in meeting the client’s needs) is fair game. And I think that Samsung has done it well. Do you disagree?

      •    Reply

        I agree with you Ruth. I believe that it’s important to understand the competition, and Samsung did a great job. But, it’s probably just that I’m not used to focusing on the competition in the marketing. We don’t do much of that in Norway. And, so far, I would probably argue why my product is fantastic, but I probably wouldn’t mention the competition. On the other hand, mentioning the competition like Samsung did is a good idea :)

  •    Reply

    Hi, I’m a newbie, so am reading a lot of blogs as part of my research. Loved the video, brill advice on content marketing. Samsung have got it sussed eh and Apple are still holding it together reqally well.

  •    Reply

    Samsung gives its customers all those things wherein Apple fails. However, in recent times, they have started pricing their products over those(or at least comparable with) that of Apple’s. Wonder how that will help them sustain long term? Perhaps price wedging and battle of low cost devices is behind them-they are trying to give the message to the world that they are global innovators too??

    •    Reply

      Samsung will be evaluated on many different variables, certainly price being one. Innovation another. Quality yet another. But to the extent that they are speaking to their user’s pain points and really defining their unique value proposition, I think that they are doing a phenomenal job. Thanks for your comment Dipa.

  •    Reply

    Year 2012 I guess social media sites has been so popular that’s why I think Samsung come up to this idea and it’s really good. Good job for Samsung and you have a nice article Miss Ruth and I love watching the Samsung commercial. :)

    •    Reply

      Hi Brian, thanks for taking the time to comment. Months later, and the Samsung commercial is still one of my favourites! For all of the reasons noted! I’m glad you enjoyed it as well.

  •    Reply

    Samsung provide great video for solid content marketing that impact on its business strategies. I have also seen video of content marketing that provide an eminent information about Samsung new researches. Thanks for sharing this information.

  •    Reply

    […] beyond that, you want to have a very deep sense of their pain points and business […]

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