The #1 Reason Your Content Marketing and Sales Processes are Misaligned


Sales and marketing tensions remind me of typical sibling rivalries.

There is blame; sales blaming marketing for providing bust leads.

There is whining; marketing whines that sales is failing to nurture hard earned leads to conversion.

Marketing feels underappreciated for doing all the heavy lifting and sales gets all the attention for making the sale…blah, blah, blah. Sound familiar?

Unfortunately, there are multiple junctures in the sales funnel when the process can go awry leading to missed opportunities, failure to close sales and lots of tension.

Studies indicate that the greatest likelihood for success is to better align sales and marketing, but how?

Arguably, the number one reason that your content marketing and sales processes are misaligned is because you are using lousy technology. With the right software tools, you can achieve better alignment, collaboration, accountability and communication.

Properly integrated CRM and Content Marketing Automation tools will enhance the entire sales process and quiet all the “family” drama.

Consistency and Follow Through for Content Marketing

CRM and Content Marketing Automation tools, when working in concert, provide a comprehensive picture of leads and clients throughout the entire sales cycle. You should be sure that your software tools offer the following features:

  • Communication: facilitate steady and transparent communication between sales and marketing keeping both teams on the same page and supporting both initiatives
  • Lead Nurturing: marketing can send targeted messages and drip emails customized to prospects’ behaviours and interests and at appropriate times in the sales cycle even after they have been lead qualified; consistent nurturing of leads can create conversions at many points in the sales cycle
  • Activity Alerts: provide real time alerts when prospects are on your website – thus providing an understanding of where the prospect is in the buying process
  • Behaviour Tracking: allow sharing of documentation for all prospect touch points from web pages visited, files downloaded and all email correspondence; this provides unprecedented understanding of lead interests and both marketers and salespeople can customize their responses to buyer initiated interactions
  • Customer Evangelism: exhaustive tracking of leads beyond the transition to Market Qualified Leads (MQL) strengthens the relationship and the delivery of relevant and consistent content and encourages customer loyalty

Metrics and Accountability

Aligned Content Marketing Automation tools and CRM can provide greater insight into campaign performance, improve lead generation and positively impact ROI

  • Tie Revenue to Campaigns: you should be able to assess which content marketing assets are the most productive and have resulted in the most closed deals
  • ROI: determine actual cost per lead and customer acquisition cost
  • Improve Lead Qualification: better scoring and grading ensure that only the best leads are passed on to sales

The handoff of market-qualified leads from the marketing department to sales is an outdated model. These days, best practices have evolved and qualifying leads is not generally the end of the road for marketing.

Technology has facilitated ongoing tracking of lead behaviors and continued engagement with consistent and relevant content assets, which empowers companies to reinforce their customer base, grow their pipeline and maximize the ROI of their campaigns.

And particularly because of this evolution, it is even more essential that you make use of a robust software solution that can help ensure that marketing and sales are well aligned. Because otherwise, you’ll just have to endure the bickering.

Your Turn

Have you experienced the benefits of fully integrated sales and marketing processes? Share your content marketing stories in the comments section below and make sure to share this post if you found it useful.We are thrilled to announce that MarketingWise is preparing to launch a next generation content marketing automation software solution. Make sure you are on our list so you can take advantage of our free trial when it becomes available.

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    Hey Jill,

    Being a home business entrepreneur, it has took a while to figure out how to implement some of the tools I have an integrate them. Either I was doing a lot of marketing but yet getting no sales, or I was getting leads but no qualified ones, etc. .I’m actually just starting to get the hang integrating and putting it all together now. But with all the noise on the internet, it was a bit confusing at first trying to piece things together in the puzzle! But now this is a different era! Thanks for sharing!

    •    Reply

      Hi Sherman,

      Thank you for taking the time to comment. I appreciate your comments and agree that while you are learning it can take some time for everything to come together. Good luck and stay in touch.


  •    Reply

    Hi Jill,

    I can definitely agree with you that this can be rather confusing and not all tools and services play nice together.

    I’m not a huge company of course but an individual so it’s easier for me to keep up with things right now but I can see as my business grows needing more and more help in this area.

    I know that you’ve come up with a fully integrated sales and marketing platform that you guys are super excited about. I have a feeling that it’s going to be a big hit with small companies and then this is just the beginning.

    Thanks for sharing all the different areas of things we need to be on top of.


    •    Reply

      Hi Adrienne,

      As always, thank you for reading and commenting. I was just on your site and found it so helpful.

      As you stated, a one person show can stay on top of things but as you do grow and maybe others come on board, it becomes more challenging to manage clients,communications etc. I’m certain our new integrated platform will help create efficiencies and an overall improved client experience.

      I’m looking forward to reading more on your blog.


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